In the middle of the Caribbean Sea, in the Lesser Antilles, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is the idea of a little paradise on earth! Between fine sandy beaches, transparent waters, sailing, diving in coral reefs and hiking in the middle of volcanic landscapes, this destination is a real treat for travelers. So, what to do in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines? Discover the best activities to do during a trip to the archipelago!

A few words about Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is a Caribbean archipelago located in the Lesser Antilles, south of Saint Lucia, west of Barbados and north of Grenada. St. Vincent is the main island, whose capital is Kingstown.

The ¾ of the archipelago is made up of the Grenadine Islands: in all, 32 small islands make up the territory, many of which are uninhabited! Among the main ones, there are Bequia, Tobago Cays, Union, Mosquito, Mayreau or Canouan, each one offering a real postcard setting.

Since the 16th century, the country has experienced several important waves of colonization, first French and then British. This colonial heritage is still very present today in the culture and architecture of the cities, especially in the capital.

What to do in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines?

So, what to do in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines? Like all the other Caribbean destinations, this magnificent archipelago will satisfy your thirst for heavenly beaches, water sports and a change of scenery!

Explore Kingstown (Saint Vincent)

Kingstown is both the capital of St. Vincent and the largest port in the archipelago. This colonial city is worth a visit! Among the main points of interest, there is Fort Charlotte, built by the English colonists in 1806 and overlooking the city from the top of a cliff.

The botanical garden, about a kilometer to the north, is also worth seeing. Very old, this 8-hectare park is home to an impressive number of palms, tropical plants, flowers and trees, some of which have been there for several centuries!

There is also a lively market and two cathedrals (Saint-Georges and Notre-Dame-de-l’Assomption). Take the time to walk around the city and admire its charming cobblestone streets, historic buildings and beautiful churches.

Sail between the islands by boat

What better way to visit St. Vincent and the Grenadines than on a boat cruise? Sailing aboard a catamaran, a sailboat or a yacht is really the best activity to do in the Caribbean!

A whole day of sunbathing, swimming in the turquoise waters and exploring the different islands. The advantage is that you can stop wherever you want to enjoy the beautiful white sand beaches (like Princess Margaret Beach in Bequia or Macaroni Beach in Mosquito).

To book your boat, you have several options, including the company Filovent, which specializes in sailing in the Caribbean. Among its many destinations, it offers boat rentals in Le Marin (Martinique), Saint Lucia and of course in the Grenadines.

Discover the sea bed by diving

What to do in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines for water sports lovers? Answer: scuba diving of course! Yes, the archipelago is indeed particularly famous for its incredible diving (scuba or snorkeling) and snorkeling spots.

The diversity and richness of the fauna and flora is really impressive: brightly colored coral reefs, manta rays, tiger sharks, white spot sharks, sea turtles, lobsters… There are even many shipwrecks to explore!

The island of Saint Vincent alone offers not far from twenty different spots, for all levels. In the Grenadines, the best spots are the Tobago Cays, Sail Rock Island or Mayreau Island.

Hike on the Soufriere volcano

At 1219 meters high, La Soufrière is the only active volcano and the highest point of the island of Saint Vincent. Its last eruption was in April 2021! But don’t worry, eruptions are still very rare: the last one before that was in 1979.

If you are feeling adventurous, it is possible to make an excursion on the volcano. The ascent, physically demanding, is done with a guide, and you will have to leave very early in the morning to reach the summit before noon. Believe me, the panoramic view on the island and on the bays below is worth it!

Discover Dark View Falls

Forty kilometers north of Kingstown, a trip to Dark View Falls is one of the must-do’s in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. These two waterfalls, which originate in the Richmond River, soar dramatically over a narrow rocky cliff.

The path alone, which takes you through a lush forest and a bamboo bridge, is worth the detour! At the end of the walk (which lasts about 20 minutes), you can cool off in the natural pool formed by the falls.

Practical information for visiting Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

  • There are no direct flights from Europe to St. Vincent’s airport, so expect to make at least one or two stopovers, usually via the United States.
  • If you don’t want to rent a boat yourself, ferries run between the islands on a daily basis. You can easily get around by bus, cab or rent a car for more freedom.
  • For accommodation, the cheapest option is to stay with locals (guest house style). There are also many hotels for all budgets, and apartments or houses to rent.
  • As for when to go to St. Vincent and the Grenadines, the best time to travel is during the winter (the dry season), from February to May.

The last word on what to do in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

As you can see, there is a lot to do in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Although not as popular as its neighbors Barbados or Saint Lucia for tourism, this Caribbean destination has a lot to offer.

bes has nothing to envy them!

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