At the end of the winter and the health crisis, going to disconnect to boost the body and mind becomes almost essential. If you don’t know where to go, here is a selection of 10 wellness destinations for a successful and most certainly unforgettable detox trip.

Detox trip in EuropeIt

is possible not to leave the continent and still make a detox trip of quality.

#1 Country Retreat in Italy

Leave for several days in Umbria, Italy, in an ancient monastery to have a quality wellness vacation. A real country retreat that promises to disconnect you 100% to recharge your batteries. On the program:

  • Visit to the cities of Umbria,
  • Meditation in the medieval monastery,
  • Private visit to the basilicas of Assisi,
  • Walking tours,
  • Muscular awakening sessions,
  • and much more.

You will have the pleasure of combining the rural and medieval interlude with the city and its history. In fact, within a reasonable distance you can visit the Duomo of Siena, the Fontana Maggiore and many typical restaurants with traditional cuisine.

Click here to book at Monastero Le Grazie#2

High-tech break in Spain

Head to Spain for the best care from the beginning to the end of your disconnected vacation. Discover the Sha Wellness Clinic, considered a temple of macrobiotics and well-being.

It’s the ideal destination to recharge your batteries and take a real break from all the high-tech stuff that usually surrounds you. Here you can find :

  • Natural therapies,
  • Nutritional support,
  • Preventive and anti-aging medicine,
  • Care and wellness center,
  • And many more.

The clinic fully customizes your program to provide the ideal treatments and detox for your needs. Not only will you leave here feeling relaxed and reenergized, but you will also have learned a little more about yourself and your health.

Click here to book at SHA Wellness Clinic#3

Energy cure in Italy

A detox trip without an energy cure would not be a perfect trip! So go away for several days and treat yourself to the Detox and Energising Programme at the Verdura Golf & Spa Resort. On the agenda:

  • Lymphatic drainage,
  • Stimulating ointments,
  • Energizing massages,
  • Invigorating treatments,
  • Golf,
  • Walks by the sea, etc.

This program promises to be ideal for those looking for a total disconnect and body reset.

Click here to book at Verdura Resort Golf & Spa#4

Chinese gym weekend in France

Want a Chinese gym class without going to the other side of the world? It’s possible by going to Aix-en-Provence. The Sextius Spa offers a real program for a personalized wellness destination.

  • Qi gong in water at 33°c,
  • Massages and rituals of the world,
  • Detox cures,
  • Sensory spa,
  • Yoga, pilates, mindfulness breathing.

A program that promises to be reboosting and invigorating. Stay in touch

The 4 star Aquabella Hotel & Spa is surrounded by a beautiful Mediterranean garden for a relaxing break, a pleasant stroll and watching the sunset after such a beautiful day.

Click here to make a reservation at the Aquabella Hotel & Spa

#5 Tonic program in Scotland

At only 1h45 flight from Paris, it would be a shame to miss the land of the Lochs and the delicious whisky that makes the country’s reputation. The Lovat Loch Ness is a Victorian-style hotel not far from the shores of Loch Ness. A Scottish interlude renowned for its hospitality and its accompaniment in a successful detox journey.

The hotel regularly offers “Fitness weekends” to get back in shape, disconnect for a few days and leave with full batteries.

Click here to book at The Lovat Loch Ness

Detox trips elsewhere in the world

But it’s also possible to go to the other side of the world for a unique detox trip.

#6 Experience a nomadic camp in Mongolia

What could be more exotic than a wellness destination in Mongolia? Head to the steppes of the country to meet the locals and live in a nomadic camp for the duration of your stay. On the program :

  • Overnight stay in a traditional yurt,
  • Hiking in the wild Mongolian steppes,
  • Ayurvedic massage,
  • Archery initiation,
  • Horseback riding,
  • Polo match,
  • Meeting with a nomadic family,
  • Discovery of the ancestral traditions and the typical architecture of the country.

It will certainly be an unforgettable and unique trip. An interlude that will make you forget your daily routine without any doubt.

#7 Detox trip to Brazil

Direction Brazil for a trip across the country. You will discover Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and the Mata Atlantica. The program will be very busy:

  • Visit the city of Sao Paulo to discover its energy, its mix of cultures and its modernity. It is considered the economic and cultural capital of the country.
  • Initiation to contemplation and slowness and departure to Catucaba. Walk in a natural park, accompanied by a naturalist guide.
  • Horseback riding, visits to chapels, churches, historical monuments,
  • Discovery of Brazilian art and cultural and artistic traditions,
  • Surfing lessons for the more athletic.

A trip that promises to leave its mark. You will disconnect and discover a country very different from yours, in a little more than a week. A busy program that will stay with you for a long time.

#8 Pilotis and catamaran in Polynesia

For a detox trip in the sun, head to Polynesia. There, a catamaran will be waiting for you and you will be carried by the wind. On the program:

  • Discovering confidential addresses,
  • Stopovers on secret batteries,
  • Cabotage under sail or on board the catamaran,
  • Sea trips, scuba diving etc.
  • Meeting with the locals,
  • Stay in Bora Bora with a bungalow on stilts not far from a coconut grove.

An aquatic cruise which will make the happiness of the a

If you’re a scuba diver, snorkeler or just looking for a change of scenery in the sun, far from the hustle and bustle of the city, you’ll find it here.

#9 Spiritual journey in India

I couldn’t suggest a selection of wellness destinations without talking about India. For thousands of years, India is considered as the spiritual and detox place par excellence.

So leave for a spiritual journey at the foot of the Himalya and more precisely in Dharamsala and Rishikesh. On the program:

  • Visits to Sikh temples, Hindu temples, Tibetan shrines, mosques and mausoleums,
  • Sufi ceremony experiences in Delhi, Puja on the banks of the Ganges, Palki Sahib ceremony and many others,
  • Discovery of Indian spirituality, traditions and culinary specialties,
  • Practice of Asthanga Yoga.

A spiritual interlude that will transform you for the better.

#10 Between orchards and monasteries in Ladakh

Ladakh is little known to tourists and seems lost in the middle of the mountains. It is located between India and Tibet and serves as a place of passage where beliefs, arts and ideas are shared and transported. Go and discover the many monasteries and yards that border the country.

  • Discovery of Tibetan Buddhism,
  • Immersion in the fauna and flora at an altitude of 3500 meters,
  • Walks along the Indus River,
  • Daily nap and meditation,
  • Meeting with the locals,
  • Visits to the monasteries and the royal palace in the city of Stok.

A culture shock that promises to give you a change of scenery but also to completely disconnect you from your daily life.

You now know where to go for a successful and certainly unforgettable detox trip. Between destinations in Europe or on the other side of the world, you will be able to find your next wellness destination to disconnect.

If you have other destinations to recommend, don’t hesitate to share them in comments.

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