On the west coast of Ireland, the Wild Atlantic Way awaits you with 2,500 kilometers of pure adventure! From County Donegal, it goes from the far northwest along the coast to the south to Kinsale! In between you have the opportunity to get to know Ireland from its most beautiful and at the same time most bizarre and exciting sides on the steep cliffs, lonely beaches and during spectacular hikes!

Even when you’re completely lost in the unforgettable experiences of Ireland’s wild Atlantic coast and chasing the next goosebump moment while sea kayaking, rock climbing, or on a whale watching tour, sometimes there’s nothing better than a delicious Flat White!

The following four cafés along the Wild Atlantic Way not only serve really good coffee, but welcome you with a cool vibe, nice people and sometimes terrific cake!

4 cafés you should definitely visit on your road trip along the Wild Atlantic Way!

Ireland Cafés 1: Foam in Bundoran, County Donegal

In the middle of the small town of Bundoran, a stop at the small café Foam belongs on your list. The minimalist vibe of the name runs through the entire concept here. You won’t find any unnecessary decorations, bright colors, or other frills here, but you can make yourself comfortable on simple wooden benches to sip your delicious Flat White.

The café was founded by three friends who are just as addicted to traveling and specialty coffee as you are! Besides delicious coffee specialties, you’ll also find a small selection of fresh salads and healthy sandwiches, some of which are even vegan. The motto here is definitely quality over quantity – and you can taste it in every bite! If you’re traveling the Wild Atlantic Way in the summer, don’t miss one of the café’s weekly BBQs!

The owners are totally laid back and you can tell that the little coffee shop is much more than just a source of money. By the way, one of the owners is a passionate surfer. No wonder that Mullaghmore Head, the most brilliant surf spot on the island, is just 15 kilometers away! From here, it’s also worth taking a short trip to nearby Lough Melvin, which awaits you with plenty of peace and solitude on a kayak tour.

Ireland Cafés 2: Bean in Dingle, County Kerry

The small town of Dingle in County Kerry is the perfect base for exploring the island of the same name along Slea Head Drive. Before you head out on your road adventure, though, don’t miss a cup of coffee at Bean in Dingle!

This small coffee shop is super cozy and attracts a diverse mix of patrons. Here you’ll meet hipsters and artists, as well as families with kids and surfers! The Burgess brothers have fulfilled a dream with the café and have been bringing Speciality Coffee to the small colorful town on the west coast of Ireland for more than four years!

What makes the coffee here special, however, is that it is roasted right on site, giving it its own unique and super delicious flavor. If you can’t get enough of it during your visit, you can check out the glowing Buy the yellow aroma packets of Bean Dingle coffee or even order them online and have them delivered to your door! The delicious pastries, which are baked fresh every day by local bakers, taste especially good with your Flat White, as do the sandwiches freshly made in the café!

After a short stop at Beans, it’s also worth taking a stroll through the streets of Dingle. There are many colorful little stores, galleries and pubs, where you could spend whole days. The Dick Mack’s pub is particularly ingenious, surprising you with all kinds of bizarre things inside!

Ireland Cafés 3: O’Neill Coffee, Skibbereen, County Cork

In the south, the Wild Atlantic Way awaits you not only with fascinating stretches of coastline, the most beautiful sandy beach in Ireland and the best chances of a successful whale watching tour, but also with the best Flat White on the island!

The red and white facade of the small O’Neill Coffee House on Townshend Street in Skibereen is rather inconspicuous and we almost walked past it. However, as soon as you cross the threshold of the former general store, the delicate aroma of coffee combined with the many delicious baked goods draped on the counter immediately welcomes you! The decor is mostly retro, which fits perfectly with the nostalgic modern atmosphere of the coffee shop. The people behind the counter are super nice and from the first minute you realize that Speciality Coffee is a way of life here!

The highlight of the two-story coffee shop, however, is what you’ll find in your cup. On our trip along the west coast of Ireland, we drank by far the best Flat White here! By the way, it’s also worth trying the outstanding Carrot Cake here – especially the thick white icing is awesome!

Skibereen is located in the west of County Cork and is the ideal starting point for your whale watching tour! After you have started the day with coffee and cake in the O’Neill Coffee House, you go to Baltimore, 12 kilometers away: From here the tours of Whale Watch West Cork start, on which you can watch seals, dolphins, minke whales, humpback whales and sometimes even orcas! Especially great are the sunset tours, which you should book in advance for the summer months!

Ireland Cafés 4: Rift Coffee, Limerick, County Limerick

Limerick is the fourth largest city in the Republic of Ireland and is not only an important economic center, but also an important educational center along with Cork and Dublin. It is also where Ireland’s largest river flows into the Atlantic Ocean: the Shannon!

The city is also home to a really great coffee shop: Rift Coffee! The small store offers a few seats at the windowsill and more in the next room. You’ll get really really good coffee served here, whether filter or espresso. In addition, the café is also a small wine shop, where you can taste and buy delicious wines.

Both the coffee beans and the wine are of high quality and sustainable cultivation. You can also get fine pastries here, such as the little peanut butter balls.

The founder – he affectionately calls himself ‘El Don de Rift’ – has spent some time in

Rift Coffee not only offers good Spanish wines like delicious Riojas, but also organizes events with Spanish influence, for example typical Basque pintxo nights!

All I need is Coffee & Atlantic

The Wild Atlantic Way is pure freedom! No matter if you are the type who travels organized, books all accommodations in advance and plans the different stages of the route down to the last detail, or if you let your sense of adventure guide you through the day – the Irish coastal road will convince you at every kilometer


Besides the great scenery, unforgettable adventures and nice people, the colorful towns along the Atlantic coast also await you with great cafes! The Flat White in Dingle, Bundoran and especially in Skibereen is worth to interrupt your road trip for a while and to supply your body not with adrenaline but with caffeine!

Have you ever been on the Wild Atlantic Way and found other great cafes worth stopping at?

Disclaimer: Many thanks to Tourism Ireland and Fáilte Ireland for sponsoring this trip! Our opinion and way of reporting remains unaffected.

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