The Lisboa Card is the official pass of Lisbon. If you want to visit Lisbon, this pass is essential. This article tells you everything you need to know about it.

Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, never ceases to surprise and enchant its visitors with its authenticity. With the charm of its steep streets and alleys, its colorful tiles, its gastronomic specialties, the sunny city attracts every year thousands of visitors eager to walk its seven hills and discover its treasures. A weekend is enough to discover this enchanting city full of museums, monasteries, castles, bars and atypical restaurants.

If you want to discover as much as possible during your stay, I recommend two things: good shoes, and the Lisboa Card.
Indeed, considering the size of Lisbon, the Lisboa Card will make it easier for you to push the doors of the most beautiful monuments and will facilitate your travel. Because the city is big and full of treasures, so you might as well not miss a thing!

What is the Lisboa Card?

The Lisboa Card is the official tourist pass of the city. If you want to see as many monuments and museums as possible, and if you want to get around, it’s the ideal city pass to get when visiting the city.
With it, you will be able to enjoy free access to public transportation and to some major train lines, free or reduced entrance to some tourist sites and attractions (such as the Hieronymites’ Monastery, the Belem Tower, the Santa Justa elevator…), and priority entrance lines for a flexible period of time, depending on the time you plan to spend in Lisbon.

It is therefore an advantageous choice in terms of budget if you add up the entrance fees of all the monuments and sites. Most of the city’s major points of interest are included in this Lisbon city pass along with the classic transport card rates.

The Lisboa Card is easy to use and comes in the form of a card the size of your bank card, easy to carry in your bag.
You can buy it in different agencies in the city, and it is automatically activated the first time you use it. Simple, economical and efficient!

The different prices of the Lisboa Card

The Lisboa Card is flexible and comes in three different formats with different durations. It is activated the first time it is used, either on the transport system or on the tourist sites included in the package.
Here are the different prices for the Lisboa Pass:

  • 24h: 20€ for an adult, 13€ for children from 4 to 15 years old
  • 48h: 34€ for an adult, 19€ for children from 4 to 15 years old
  • 72h: 42€ for an adult, 22€ for children from 4 to 15 years old

This city pass is totally free for children under 4 years old.

When and where to buy the Lisboa Card?

You can buy your Lisboa Card well before your trip because it is only activated the first time you use it! I advise you to buy it online whenever you want before your departure, on this website or on the official website.
Please indicate the day you plan to pick it up when you arrive in Lisbon. IThen you just have to go with your voucher to one of the Ask Me Lisboa agencies to get your sesame.
You can also get it at the dedicated agencies, but in my opinion it is less profitable in terms of time saving!

My advice? get it online and pick it up directly at the Lisbon airport on the day of your arrival at the agency located in the arrivals hall.

More details in my article on how to reach the center of Lisbon from the airport!

Afterwards, you are free to use it on public transport to get to the city center, or only on your first visit.

You will also find other Ask Me Lisboa counters in the city where you can collect your Lisbon pass:

  • Lisbon Airport – Arrivals Hall – from 7am to 12am TLJ
  • Lisboa Story Center – from 10am to 8pm TLJ
  • Terreiro do Paço – from 9am to 8pm TLJ
  • Palacio Foz – from 9am to 8pm TLJ
  • Santa Apolonia Station – International Terminal – 7:30am to 9:30am Tuesday to Saturday
  • Hieronymites Monastery – Jardim Vasco de Gama – 9am to 6pm Monday to Saturday
  • Belem Tower – 9am to 6pm TLJ
  • Parque das Nações – Alameda dos Oceanos – October to March from 10am to 1pm and 2pm to 6pm / April to September from 10am to 1pm and 2pm to 7pm

Other counters exist outside the city:

  • Sintra – train station – from 10am to 1:30pm and from 2:30pm to 5pm TLJ
  • Ericeira – Rua Dr. Eduardo Burnay 46, Ericeira – from 10am to 1pm and from 2pm to 6pm TLJ
  • Arrábida – Travessa Frei Gaspar 10, Setúbal – October to March from 10am to 6pm / April to September from 10am to 7pm.

How long is the Lisboa Card valid?

It is activated at the time of your entry in an attraction, museum, monument or in the transport. The Lisbon pass is valid for the time specified on it when you buy it (24, 48 or 72 hours).
As long as it is not activated, and to compensate for possible postponements or cancellations of your trip, the Lisboa Card is valid for one year after the date of purchase.

What is included in the Lisboa Card?

A true ally of your stay in Lisbon, this city pass offers you unlimited access to the city’s public transportation . You are free to use the metro, bus, coach, funicular and some train lines.

You also have access to the various tourist sites of the Portuguese capital
as well as to tourist sites outside the city (the palace of Sintra for example).
Either for free (without paying a cent more than the cost of the card).
Or at a reduced rate: a discount of 10 to 50% on some places.

You will also have discounts, between 5 and 10%, on some shops in the city offering exclusively Portuguese products.

Another advantage is that you will have access to most of the city’s tourist attractions, which is important if you don’t want to lose time in your marathon of visits to the city!

All the visits with discounted access and queue-cutting

Here is a small list of tourist sites, museums and monuments where you will have access to a access :

  • the Tower of Belém
  • the Hieronymites’ Monastery in Belem, classified as a World Heritage Site by Unesco
  • the Triumphal Arch of Augusta Street
  • Pilar 7 – Bridge Experience (April 25 bridge)
  • Lisboa Story Centre, a museum dedicated to the history of the city
  • the National Palace of Ajuda
  • Chiado Museum of Contemporary Art
  • the National Museum of Azulejole National Pantheon

But also outside Lisbon:

  • the National Palace of Mafra
  • the convent of the Order of Christ in Tomar, also a Unesco World Heritage Site
  • Sintra Mitos e Lendas
  • the Monastery of Bathalha

Visits with discount

In addition to the visits included in the Lisboa Card, you can also find many interesting discounts:

  • 15% off the entrance ticket to the Oceanario de Lisboa
  • 10% off the ticket for the city’s tourist bus: the Yellow Bus
  • 40% on the Museo de Sao Roque, the museum of sacred art
  • 20% off the ticket for the Calouste Gulbenkian Museum

And many more, listed in the mini guide provided with the tourist pass!

With the Lisboa Card, you also have access to a mini guidebook that you can pick up along with this city pass. It’s not a mini guide, since it has almost 140 pages!

It’s not only a guide to use the card listing all its advantages because it also gives you practical information about your visits, with a short introduction paragraph about monuments or museums, opening hours, queue cut access, accesses and metro or bus station lines nearby…

In short, everything you need to prepare your trips and visits!

I also invite you to read my article on guided tours of Lisbon in French!

Lisbon is a big city, very spread out, and even the walking enthusiasts will be happy to take advantage of an unlimited access to the different means of transportation existing in the city and its surroundings! You will be able to use freely in detail :

  • Lisbon’s subway network (including the line to the airport)
  • network of streetcars, buses, Carris elevators, and a 25% discount on the Aerobus (serving the airport directly from the city center)
  • Fertagus train using the Ponte 25 Abril over the river
  • Mainline trains to the Lisbon suburbs to Cascais or Sintra

You can also use the following means of transportation as tourist attractions

  • the Santa Justa elevator
  • the 28 tramway through the Alfama district
  • the Bica funicular.

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My opinion on the Lisboa Card

As you will have understood, the advantages of the Lisboa Card are numerous.

Thanks to this pass, you will have unlimited access to public transport in the city, as well as in the nearby suburbs, which is a great way to get around.

which is a definite advantage when you want to visit Lisbon.

As a comparison, a classic 24-hour pass for public transport only costs 10.15€, and a metro ticket costs 1.45€.

You will also have access to most of the interesting sites of the city (museums, monuments, attractions), either for free or with significant discounts.
If you want to see as much as possible, Lisbon being full of little nuggets and classified sites, this pass is a real must-have for any stay in the Portuguese capital! As a comparison, the Belém tower is 6€ and the Hieronymites monastery is 10€… I’ll let you do your calculations!

Finally, another advantage of the Lisbon city pass: its flexibility. Available in 24, 48 or 72 hours, it allows you to adapt your visits to the time you have during your stay. The principle of activation at the time of the first use is also to be commended! A 24h pass activated at 10:02 am will be valid until the next day at 10:02 am, unlike other passes which are automatically activated at the beginning of the day. No time wasted!

I would highly recommend the lisboa card 72h: it will allow you to visit the city at a lower cost and is ideal for a first stay in Lisbon.

Honestly… I don’t see any! Because I have to say something, you might regret to have access only once to a monument or museum with this pass.
No question of doing the Belem Tower in a loop!

Conclusion about the Lisboa Card

I think I told you everything about the Lisboa Card!
For me, it’s a must for any first stay in Lisbon, because of the savings made on the entrance fees to the sites, but also on the public transportation. And since during a first stay you usually do the tour of the important sites, your budget will only say thank you!

There are many ways to get around in this large, steep city, so the use of public transport is a must, and here too, the savings made…

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