Would you like to take online English, Korean or Spanish classes from home, but with a certified teacher? Well, that’s exactly what AmazingTalker offers you! The concept is not new, but AmazingTalker executes it perfectly. This super flexible online course platform is fully adaptable to your budget, your level and your availability!

Want to know more? Find out in this article how the platform works, what AmazingTalker is all about, and even some info on how to become a tutor yourself.

What is AmazingTalker?

AmazingTalker is a platform offering personalized online language courses. Based in Taiwan, it allows you to learn a hundred different foreign languages via Zoom. Its principle is simple: it connects students with certified teachers.

The courses are entirely online, which allows you to organize your time and dates as you wish. Whatever your personal constraints, your work schedule or your time zone, you will always find an available teacher!

The added value of AmazingTalker is that it only offers courses with qualified tutors from all over the world. The site is indeed quite demanding and only accepts experienced tutors or those with a degree in language teaching.

In order to join AmazingTalker, each tutor must also complete several interviews and tests, and undergo a pedagogical training course paid for by the platform. In short, as a student, you can be sure that you’ll have a great group of competent tutors at your disposal!

Registration and choice of tutor

After a quick and free registration on the site, students have access to the entire catalog of AmazingTalker tutors. One can browse through the different profiles, read the tutors’ resumes, and even contact them via private message if one has specific questions.

What’s great is that you can filter your search according to your budget, whether the tutor is native or not, or according to your objectives. For example, you may want to prepare for a university exam, learn vocabulary for a trip or hold a professional conversation.

To help you choose, each sheet includes a certain amount of information about the tutor:

  • a detailed introduction to their experience and an introductory video;
  • the number of lessons the tutor has given on the platform since registering;
  • reviews, grades and comments left by former students.

Online Course Progression

Once you have made your choice, you can book a slot directly through the AmazingTalker interface. You just have to select the date and time that suits you among the tutor’s availabilities, and that’s it!

Lessons last 25 or 50 minutes. You can book an individual lesson or opt for a package of several lessons. This second option is often more advantageous since the tutor usually offers a discount ranging from 5 to 20% depending on the number of lessons purchased.

As a bonus, you get a trial lesson at a reduced rate

(some start at 1€ for 25 minutes!). This allows you to see if you have a good feeling with a tutor and to evaluate if his or her way of teaching suits you before committing yourself further.

Note that AmazingTalker is also suitable for children: some tutors offer lessons for children and teenagers. Handy if you want to teach your kids a language!

Become an AmazingTalker tutor

If you’re fluent in French or another language, why not become an AmazingTalker tutor? It’s the perfect digital nomad job to travel and work at the same time: you’re completely free to set your own hours and pay!

On AmazingTalker, you decide your hourly rate. 15€ for 50 minutes, 20€, 30€… it’s up to you! Of course, it’s better to start with a low price, then to increase it once you’ve received several positive reviews.

The more experience you have, the more visibility your profile gains. Some tutors live 100% from their activity on this site, and others use it only as a supplement to their salary. In return, AmazingTalker gets a commission on your earnings.

Well, as you have seen, it is not so easy to join the platform. The recruitment process is quite strict, and you will have to go through several steps before you can offer your services. But if you have skills and/or experience, there is no reason to fail!

Conclusion and opinion about AmazingTalker

So, after this little test, what can we conclude about AmazingTalker? Personally, I think that this platform is really well done: from the search for teachers to the booking of courses, through the presentation sheets, everything is fluid and very clear.

All the advantages of an online course platform are there: large choice of tutors for all levels, flexibility of schedules, personalization of lessons. The trial lesson option is a real plus and allows you to “test” a teacher before making your choice!

AmazingTalker’s pricing system offers great flexibility. As tutors are free to set the prices they want, there is really something for everyone. For example, we see lessons starting at 7€ for 50 minutes, which is super affordable.

The platform allows you to learn a language even if you have a small budget, and that’s really cool! In addition, the rigorous recruitment process of the tutors ensures a certain quality of learning, which is not always the case with other platforms.

Finally, if you’re thinking about teaching online language courses yourself, AmazingTalker is also a good option. In short, this site is a safe bet! Don’t hesitate to test the service to make your own idea and share your feedback here.

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