A visit to the Monserrate is a must for any trip to Bogota. A peak overlooking Bogota, a place of pilgrimage, the Monserrate is a site apart.

I don’t know about you, but I like cities that offer a hill and a view of the surroundings. It doesn’t have to be a mountain, it can be a slight hill like in Paris with the Sacré-Coeur. I also remember the hill of Rabot in Grenoble and the evenings watching the lights of the city.

Really, a city that has a site in height, it is a real plus. It is beautiful to see a sunset and more simply the lights of the city.

The view on Bogota

Sunset, best moment.

In Latin America, many cities and capitals offer something like this. Bogotá is probably one of the most emblematic cities from this point of view with its famous Cerro de Monserrate. This high hill dominates the city from its 3152 meters of altitude. Bogotá being at an average of 2600 meters, you go there a point of view of first.

The Monserratte is clearly one of the symbols of the city. Wherever you are in Bogotá, if you look up, you will see the Monserratte and its white ballistic. It is located, roughly, above the Candelaria neighborhood.

It was in 1657 that a sanctuary was built on this peak. In 1925, a basilica was built in its place.

It is a place of pilgrimage and especially one of the principal tourist sites of Bogota.

Visit the Monserrate by cable car

A cable car climbs to the top. This is of course the most fun way to visit Monserrate.

Slowly, you will rise above the houses, then the city. The extent of Bogota will then reveal itself fully to you. Because yes, it is a huge city and most travelers only know a small part of it: the Candelaria and the richer northern neighborhoods.

What to do in Monserrate?

At the top, the Basilica occupies most of the space, with of course some restaurants.

The view, once again, is the main attraction.

You can also take the nearby Way of the Cross, a path that winds around the summit. Many people wait here for the sunset over the city, a real spectacle.

Before going down, I advise you to have a coffee at the restaurant Casa Santa Clara located in a white building offering a nice view of Bogota.

You have several options.

The cable carI

recommend it.

The hours:

Monday to Friday from 5pm to midnight→

Saturday from noon to midnight.

Sunday from 10:30 am to 4:30 pmFare

: 10,000 pesos one wayThe

funicularThe fun


is another nice option. I find the cable car more interesting that said for the view of the city.


Monday to Friday from 6:30am to 4:45pm→

Saturday from 6:30am to 4pm→

Sunday from 5:30am to 6:30pmOn


good walk! Free access.

The trail is about 2 miles long and has 1500 steps. If you are not used to the altitude,

take your time to go up.




every day except Tuesday from 5am to 1pm to go up and from 5am to 4pm to go down.

Practical advice:

-Avoid Sundays, it’s very crowded here… Same for public holidays.

A small sweater or jacket, it can be cool at the top-You

will find all possible information on the site of the sanctuary here


To stay in Bogota, here is a selection of hotels:

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The Monserrate is one of the emblematic sites of any visit to Bogota. If you are staying in the capital for 2 days, I really recommend you to do this visit.

Along with the Gold Museum and the Candelaria district, this is for me the 3 essential visits of any trip to Bogota.

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