Corsica is full of wonders and treasures, that is well known. Nevertheless, some of them remain secret or at least, better kept than others. Here, I propose you to discover those of the beautiful city Porto-Vecchio…. So, if you are going to Corsica and don’t know yet what to do or visit in Porto-Vecchio, this article is for you!

#1 Visit the old town of Porto-VecchioFirst

of all,

I invite you to visit the town of Porto-Vecchio which is full of points of interest. You will be able to get lost in its narrow streets, discover its squares and enjoy its picturesque charm. Among the other places to discover in the city, you will have :

  • The marina.
  • The salt marshes which gave rise to the nickname of the city, the city of salt.
  • Casa di Lume which is a regional film library preserving the island’s audiovisual heritage.

#2 Take a boat cruiseThe

cruise is a must on a trip to Corsica to discover its hidden beaches and admire the island from its turquoise water. To do this, you can opt for a boat rental in Porto-Vecchio for a day or even for a cruise of several days.

The advantages of discovering Porto Vecchio and its surroundings by boat are numerous:

  • less stress, no need to move stuff if you stay on board (on a catamaran, a sailboat or a yacht),
  • possibility to practice nautical activities from the boat: paddle, diving or snorkeling,
  • possibility of accessing less touristy places and coves by stopping for a swim when you want: the reserve of the Bouches de Bonifacio, the Golf of Porto-Vechcio, the Lavezzi islands…
  • it’s a more original way to discover the Corsican coastline without traffic jams.

This is clearly my good plan for an unforgettable stay in Porto-Vecchio!

#3 Enjoy the beautiful beachesThe

city offers a spectacular panorama on the coast but also several hiking trails that lead to many beaches all as beautiful as

each other.

Among these spots, you can discover :

  • Palombaggia : Imagine: a white sand beach, turquoise water framed by red rocks and bordered by a pine forest. The place is heavenly and offers a great view of the Cerbicale islands.
  • Santa Giulia : located south of Porto-Vecchio, this beach is one of the most famous in Corsica but also one of the largest. Indeed, it extends over kilometers with its fine white sand and turquoise water.
  • Cala Rossa: this beach is ideal for eating in one of the many restaurants that border it. You can also admire the many luxurious villas built in the 1970s.
  • Tamaricciu : much less touristic, Tamaricciu offers a sumptuous setting with its white sand, its turquoise water but especially its dune cordon decorated with oaks, pines and juniper trees.

#4 Discover the citadelThis

is the must-see in Porto-Vecchio. This Genoese style citadel was built in 1542 and has a well worked architecture with large loopholes, a watchtower, a small round courtyard or

a large vaulted room. Today, it houses restaurants, bars and stores that are very popular with tourists.

#5 Visit the church of Porto-Vecchio (Saint Jean-Baptiste)

The church of Porto-Vecchio is a magnificent Genoese construction of the 19th century inscribed within the citadel and made of granite. You will be able to admire its splendid bell tower which is not without reminding that of Quenza in Alta Rocca. Its interior is just as breathtaking with its beautiful stained glass windows and its processional Christ.

#6 Discover the coastal area: the tip of Chiappa

If you’re still looking for what to do in Porto-Vecchio, this area of the coastline may be the perfect idea. The Pointe de la Chiappa is a coastal area located southwest of the golf course of Porto-Vecchio and has multiple points of interest. The most important one is the lighthouse that signals the approach of the “Bouches de Bonifacio”, further south. You can also climb to the top of the semaphore of Chiappa to admire the breathtaking view of the golf course and the mountainous hinterland.

#7 Venture to Lake Ospedale

In the heart of the mountainous hinterland, half an hour from Porto-Vecchio, you can find the Ospedale lake and its small village of the same name. Swimming is forbidden because this lake is used as a dam to supply the region with drinking water. However, the walk around the lake is worth it. Indeed, you will find a breathtaking landscape thanks to its mountainous background.

You can also discover the state forest not far from there which, with its 733 hectares, is the lungs of the Porto-Vecchio region.

#8 Marvel at the waterfall of Piscia di Gallu

Stay in the forest of Ospedale for a while to find the memorable waterfall of Piscia di Gallu, one of the must-sees of a road trip in Corsica. To find it, nothing could be easier. You will just have to go along the Ospedale dam. At the arrival, it is 80 meters of waterfalls which await you. This spectacle is simply breathtaking. Be careful though, this place is very popular with tourists and it can get crowded during the high season. If it is possible for you, it is recommended to go there outside school vacations, in June or September.

#9 Visit the surroundings of Porto-Vecchio with the historical sites

The region of Porto-Vecchio is full of historical sites to visit. Among the unavoidable vestiges, you will find :

  • The Castellu d’Araghju: it is an ancient fortress that dominates the vast plain. With its 2 meter high ramparts and its relatively complex architecture, it is difficult to imagine that these vestiges are more than 4000 years old.
  • The site of Ceccia : from the village of Ceccia, you can walk to this ancient site whose remains have been dated to 1350 BC.
  • Cucuruzzu and Capula : even if you have to pay an entrance fee of 5,50 euros these sites are clearly worth the detour. You will find a prehistoric fortress dating from the Bronze Age and medieval fortifications dating from the 10th century.
  • Tappa: here you will find a circular enclosure surrounding a small village and a gigantic tower. To discover this place, you have to go to theYou will have to climb to an altitude of almost 60 meters.

#10 Doing water sports

Still wondering what to do in Porto-Vecchio? You should know that visiting Porto-Vecchio also means taking advantage of the coastline and the water activities that lend themselves to it. Among the most popular sports in Porto-Vecchio, you will find :

  • Jet-skiing: from the marina, you can rent a jet-ski without a boat license and discover the coastline in a fun and pleasant way.
  • Windsurfing : it is a great alternative to surfing. You will be able to take advantage of the sea wind of the coast to appreciate the undulations of the Mediterranean Sea and to fill up with adrenaline.
  • Scuba diving: Corsica has many spots to enjoy diving. Moreover, it is one of the best destinations for scuba diving. Among its best spots, we find Porto-Vecchio, its translucent water and its beautiful aquatic fauna!

#11 Enjoy the nightlife

Porto-Vecchio is also famous for its nightlife. Indeed, it has the largest open-air nightclub in Europe: Via Notte. Here, from June to September, the greatest international DJs are jostling for unforgettable nights. Among the headliners that you may meet, we find : David Guetta, Bob Sinclar, Lost Frequencies or Martin Solveig!

#12 Taste the gastronomic specialties of Porto-Vecchio

Visiting Porto-Vecchio also means discovering the gastronomic specialties of the region such as fish, cold cuts or typical pastries. Among the most emblematic dishes, you will find :

  • Canistrellu : it is a small dry cake made with oil and white wine.
  • Prisuttu : it is a ham coated with fat, quite flat and served raw and dry.
  • Denti : it is a fish that can be served baked, fried or grilled on embers.

#13 Discovering the Cavu Valley

The Cavu valley is a forest where a river flows. So far, nothing transcendent you might say. However, this river fills several basins which offer to its visitors natural pools but also numerous waterfalls of variable size and intensity. The place is worth the detour in particular for the translucent color of the water and the bucolic framework that the forest offers.

#14 Hike to the Aiguilles de Bavella

If you want to visit Porto-Vecchio in a sporty way, go to the Bavella pass for an exotic hike. This place offers several trekking paths that allow its visitors to discover the beauties of the regional natural park of Corsica. The most famous hiking trail is the “trou de la bombe” which offers a walk without great difficulty on a shaded path. It will take you about 2h30 to go there and back from the beginning of the hike to the tafonu. This natural curiosity is an 8 meter diameter hole in the rock that plunges directly into the adjacent ravine.

#15 Visit the villages of the Alta Rocca

If you have a little time, you might as well discover the hinterland around

Porto-Vecchio. The Alta-Rocca is an area of medium mountains which offers many typical Corsican villages. Among the most remarkable, you will find :

  • Zoza : this small village has, in addition to an authentic charm, a beautiful waterfall as well as natural swimming pools to refresh yourself.
  • Zonza : chief town of the Alta-Rocca, the place holds many restaurants and hotels if you decide to stay a few days in the Corsican mountains.
  • Altarène : this small village is known for its sumptuous panoramic view on the whole region.
  • Levie: you will find the departmental museum of the Alta-Rocca here. This visit can be ideal if you want to learn more about the history and customs of the region.
  • Carbini: this small village has a sumptuous Romanesque church dating from the 11th century and a 7-story campanile.

I hope this article has helped you find what to do in Porto-Vecchio during your future stay in Corsica!

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